Looking for innovative ways to improve your revenue streams?

Today’s consumers are looking for more convenience and that gives you the opportunity to broaden your service proposition and break into new areas. The obvious solution here is to diversify your offer to cover all of their credit needs. But how do you identify the right strategies and more importantly, how can you diversify without increasing your costs? One thing is certain, if you are not servicing all your client’s needs they are talking to somebody else besides you.

At Connective, we provide our members with access to a full range of diversified financial products with Connective Home Loans, Connective Asset Finance and Insurance, which you can simply integrate into your offer. You’ll have the opportunity to create more meaningful relationships with clients and to grow your income streams at the same time.

Connective Home Loans

Connective Home Loans was awarded the 2014 Australian Lending Award’s Best White Label Program and we have continued to improve our offer and product range. We’re committed to providing our members with a real alternative to products available from major lending institutions and one that can meet the varying needs of your brokering business. Connective Home Loans offer marketing leading rates and enable you to create full life of the loan relationships with your clients, with post settlement alerts and complete access to customer information such as loan balances and statements, so you can service your clients yourself after settlement.

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Connective Asset Finance

Connective Asset Finance enables you to diversify your offer with immediate and fully accredited access to financing for assets such as cars, trucks, yellow goods and business plant and equipment, with additional options for financing for small to medium business enterprises. Connective Asset Finance offers a variety of options, allowing you to maximise the profit potential of your database even if you’d like to remain a mortgage broking specialist.

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Connective’s insurance partners

Connective maintains exclusive partnerships with reputable insurance providers, including Lifebroker, ALI Group and Allianz. Brokers enjoy the option to become accredited so they can write the business themselves, refer clients to a trusted colleague, refer clients to a Connective introduced contact, or ‘Tick and Flick’ the business through to our insurance company partners – with each option offering very competitive commissions.

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