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Speaking with a Real Estate agent can sometimes be quite daunting. Especially, when they are asking you all the questions and you’ve just accidentally given away the top end of your budget.




Below are the Top 3 questions, with sample scripts, that I ask every real estate agent when trying to understand the level of demand and urgency of the sale:






Why is the vendor looking to sell?

This may seem like a simple question but understanding the exact reason as to why a vendor is selling will be highly advantageous when putting together your offer. I’ve secured many properties prior to auction by asking this very simple question.




Buyer: “What a beautiful house, I can’t understand why they would want to sell?”

Agent: “They are looking to upgrade as their kids are getting older.”

Buyer: “Have they found something else?”

Agent: “Yes, they are considering another property in their desired location”


买方: 这个房子真漂亮,请问他们为什么要卖呀?

中介: 他们要升级更大的房子,孩子们长大了

买方: 他们找到想要的房子了吗?

中介: 嗯,找到了。他们正在考虑另外一个房子,那个房子就在他们想要的地区。

Perfect! We now know that the vendor is emotionally attached to another property and there’s pressure for them to secure the right buyer. You can now use this information in your terms of offer to sway the vendor in your favour without impacting your position.




How many contracts have been issued?

Understanding your competition is very important. Potential buyers would not ask for a copy of the contract unless they are interested in the property. So dig a little bit deeper to find out your level of competition.




Buyer: “Wow, great turnout today! You must’ve issued a number of contracts?”

Agent: “Let me see, we’ve sent out 10 so far”

Buyer: “That’s great! And how many have actually ordered a building and pest report?”

Agent: “Just 2”


买家: 哇,今天很多人来看房哦。你肯定已经发放出去好几份合同了吧?

中介: 嗯,我们已经发出去了10份。

买家: 那很好啊!有多少人约了时间做房屋结构和虫害报告呢?


So while many are interested in the property, only 2, are serious buyers. Buyers are only willing to spend money on due diligence (such as building and pest, vetting of contracts) when they are serious about making an offer or wanting to bid on a property.



Have you received any offers?

This question will not only provide you will the level of demand for the property but also build a basis on what to offer for the property.



Buyer: “Will the vendor look at selling prior to auction?”

Agent: “Maybe, if we get the right price”

Buyer: “Have you received any written offers that the vendors would consider?”

Agent: “We had a few offers below the guide but one group offered an amount above the middle range which the vendor is considering”


买方: 房东会考虑拍卖前出售吗?

中介: 也许吧,如果有好价格的话

买方: 你现在已经有了合适的出价了吗?

中介: 我们已经收到几个略低的报价,还有一个比中间价位略高,房东正在考虑

From this question, we’ve uncovered where our competitor’s price points are, as well as, the vendor’s expectations for the property and what they will likely accept.




Make sure your offer is in writing – all written offers must be presented to the vendors.Make multiple offers on the property, with different terms and price points.If it’s the right property, don’t waste time.


— Buyer Agent 关于 出价 的建议


一些 Tips

Check out some of our tips below :

– If the property is going to auction, look to secure the property prior to auction with a 66W



– Offer a simultaneous settlement based on the settlement date of the other property



– Offer extended settlement if the vendors haven’t secured the right property



– Release of 10% deposit – seek solicitor advice on this



-Ask the agent if an existing building and pest report is available



-If demand and competition is strong, make sure you line up all your ducks in a row in anticipation of a 66W offer



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