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Loan Health Check

Australian household usually discuss with finance advisors on home loan 3-4 years on average. This is to meet different financial goals and objectives down the path.

Talk to our specialist on your loan health check today!

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We Love Duplex

Construction Loan Specialist

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海外人士贷款产品 5.99% *


25 年贷款期,可随时提前还款

最高 75% LVR,贷款金额上限 200万澳币

本息还款,或只还利息(加 0.5%)


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海外人士贷款产品 4.99% *

接受建筑贷款、最快 48 小时获预批

最长 30 年贷款期,可随时提前还款

最高 80% LVR,贷款金额 $20- 200万澳币

本息还款,或只还利息(加 0.4%)



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About My Home Loan

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Stephaney Guan
Senior Lending Manager

Stephaney has the knowledge and capability on all residential loan needs.

She could fly to your place in Brisbane to meet the settlement 🙂 She takes care of her clients.

Meet More Experts

Our Lending Experts

George Rao
Melbourne Office Director

George is our Man in charge for Melbourne office.

He specialises in self-employed loans and non-resident loans.

Meet More Experts

Our Lending Experts

Lenders Panel

Our specialists will assist you on loan structuring and solutions

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Loan Health Check
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