You can always find a method to expand your business and make profits. Equipment loans include but are not limited to the following types

  • Commercial vehicles
  • Trucks and trailers
  • New energy assets (including energy efficient vehicles and solar PV systems)
  • Prime movers (specialised use including cement mixers, tippers and local transport work)
  • Earthmoving equipment (including excavators and bulldozers)
  • Buses
  • Agricultural equipment (including tractors and mowers)
  • Material handling and access equipment (including forklifts, mobile cranes and container lifts)
  • Forestry equipment

In addition, there are some other types of equipment you could also consider for your business, including

  • Medical and dental equipment
  • Printing equipment
  • Digital video and cameras
  • Office furniture
  • iPads and tablets

For any equipment that has not been listed above, please contact us for more details

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