Unique products to give your
business an edge

Connective Home Loans gives you a unique range of white label home loan products to help you create a point of difference for your business. As well as giving you competitive home loan products that are not available through a bank or retail outlet, Connective Home Loans enable you to provide a full life of loan relationship, with post-settlement alerts and access to customer information such as balances and statements.  This gives you the opportunity to meet your client’s ongoing service requirements yourself rather than deferring your customer to a lender after the transaction, which adds value to your services and greatly aids in customer retention.

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Create more loyal and profitable customers

Having your own product range to offer your clients will really help your business stand out from the crowd. Research has proven that white label products have a longer loan life than other mortgages, which would also suggest that they engender greater customer satisfaction and loyalty. Loyal clients means more opportunities to offer other services such as asset finance, general insurance and more. Greater satisfaction translates into more referrals and consistent business growth, which can only do great things for your bottom line.

Get the support you need to perform like a star

Most lender BDMs tend to be very busy and are unable to offer you the level of support you need to give a sparkling performance to your clients every time. With Connective Home Loans, you get two tiers of support so you’ll never be left hanging when you need help fast.  You’ll access dedicated BDM teams from both of our funding partners to help you with loan scenarios, upfront valuations and credit checks. You’ll also enjoy access to the Connective Home Loans team in-house to help you with business development, marketing, customer retention and more. The entire team focuses on providing you with faster turn-around times and third party channel conflicts are a thing of the past.

Two wholesale funding lines with sharp borrower rates

Connective Home Loans offer you the choice of two separate product lines – Connective Home Loans Essentials by Advantedge and Connective Home Loans Smart Options by Macquarie. Together these funders provide you with some of the sharpest, most competitive loan products on the market. You get a broad spectrum of options that can accommodate every type of customer, from the straight forward PAYG first home buyer through to more sophisticated clients with complex servicing requirements, like property investors and SMSF borrowers.

Be rewarded for your efforts

Diversifying with Connective Home Loans means you can access some of the most competitive upfront and trail commissions in the industry, so you can start to enjoy the benefits from day one of your first settlement. You also get to benefit from any volume bonuses we may negotiate with our funding partners for the whole group, which means you can be better rewarded for your efforts even if you are a one man band or a smaller brokerage.

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