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Welcome to My Home Loan – the market leading broker firm. We have a team of lending consultants, specialised in all sorts of credit enquiries, with access to over a hundred lenders.

No matter if you are buying your first home, an investment property, building your dream house or refinancing to another bank, it can be very tough without sufficient knowledge. At My Home Loan, we build the journey according to your needs and assist you to achieve the best outcome.

Contact us today, a nearest consultant will be allocated to you and run a 30 minutes to 60 minutes free consultation. Within that first meeting, we will get to know your goal and have a basic understanding of your financial situation.

We will provide you a proposal with at least 2 options that best suit your demand within 48 hours after receiving your supporting documents. We are keen to deliver our service in terms of reliable and expertise.

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If you want to learn more of your borrowing capacity, compare home loan rates and do some budgeting, click here for some handy tools.

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Owner Occupied Loan

From 3.49%(CPR 4.80%)

3 year fixed rate, P&I repayment

Maximum LVR 95%

Investment Loan

From 3.69%(CPR 5.23%)

3 year fixed rate, P&I repayment

Maximum LVR 90%

Non-resident Loan

From 4.79%(CPR 7.13%)

Easy application process

Approval in 24 hours

Maximum LVR 70%


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